When things are uncertain, it’s understandable that making huge life decisions such as moving home could be far from the front of your mind.   Yet as more and more of us are vaccinated, noises from the government lead us to believe schools could be set to return soon, and our crappy winter weather starts to ease, you could be thinking why wait any longer? The question mark hanging over the Stamp Duty holiday extension could be resolved within the coming weeks, which may go in your favour, but regardless of the outcome, if you want to ensure you get the highest possible price and not just an acceptable price for your Chelmsford home, there are things that all savvy sellers do to get a house ready for a spring sale.


What are these things savvy sellers know?


There is nothing revolutionary, in fact most of it is common sense, but when you are swept up in the stresses and excitement of buying and selling at the same time, it’s not as easy to see things as they are.  At Charles David Casson we work hard to negotiate the highest possible price for homes we sell in Chelmsford, but we know we can always get that little bit more when there is a savvy seller on board.



Strictly do décor


Your Saturday nights may once have involved dancing the night away with friends and family, but this weekend, grab your partner – i.e. a paint brush – and chasse across your room refreshing the colour as you go.  This new weekend phenomenon – Strictly do décor – has hit homes up and down the country, as savvy sellers are taking advantage of lockdown and swapping the sequins for overalls to ensure their home is buyer-ready.  Gone is the vibrant décor that only an owner can love, and in with more neutral, toned-down palette which, although it may not be to the savvy seller’s taste, ensures that their home will do its job and walk away with not a Len Goodman 7, but a very elegantly dressed, Shirley Ballas 10.



Blankety BLANK


‘A buyer is walking around a house, they enter a room and instantly knew that it is was a BLANK’. Sorry, there is no cheque book and pen if you get this answer right, but if you can’t tell what the purpose of a room is, how can any potential buyers?  This lockdown has meant that every inch of our homes has had to transform into multipurpose areas – dining rooms are now gyms, and kitchens are doubling up as classrooms – but buyers are not looking for confusion, they want clarity.  Home offices, as we know, are going to be an essential in any home after this pandemic, with many businesses already informing staff that they are changing how they operate for good.  So if you have a room that lacks a clear identity, create one so that no buyer leaves your home thinking about the BLANK.


Top Kerb


Your driveway may look like the Top Gear studio, but does it make your home look its best, really?  One thing people often forget about is a home’s kerb appeal. Now, it doesn’t matter if your house opens onto the street or you’re lucky enough to be set back away from the road, every house can rev up its exterior to create a Ferrari from a Fiat. You want anyone passing your home in Chelmsford to want to take a second look because, as we all know, first impressions count.





Are you handy with a hammer, or sloppy with a screwdriver?  When it comes to getting those odd jobs done ready for your home to go on the market, every savvy seller knows that if you’re not up to the task, get the professionals in.  Nothing screams DIY SOS than some worse for wear repairs.  You know the drill – if you see one thing faulty you become hawk eyed, looking to find the next flaw and the next… until you’re convinced that this perfectly sound house is actually a house of horrors.  So don’t play the ‘it will do’ game, because you will only lose out when it comes to actual offers. Get the repairs done professionally and ‘Play Your Cards Right’ so we can negotiate ‘Higher, Higher’.


Become a Chelmsford savvy seller and you will be the one winning this spring selling season.  For more advice on how to maximise the potential of your home, contact our team on 01245 835859.

About Neil Baldock

Born and bred in Chelmsford, Neil went to Tyrells and The Boswells School and still lives in Springfield. A former police officer, Neil is an excellent problem solver for our clients. Neil oversees the Lettings, Property Management and Maintenance portfolio here at CDC and is able to offer specialist advice on all aspects of buy to let and property investment in Chelmsford and all areas of Essex. Neil is happy to offer advice to landlords even where the property is not being purchased through our agency and would welcome an informal chat with you regarding your investments. Neil is also well versed in HMO Management as we are one of the only agencies in Chelmsford which has a specialist HMO and rooms to rent department. Neil is Matthews younger brother and has a son named Michael.

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