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Are you giving buyers a sleepless night with these bedroom staging mistakes?

Not everyone has an Instagram-worthy bedroom every minute of every day. Our lives are busy, and there are, no doubt, spells where your bedrooms are perfect and others where they are a nightmare. We are all human, and often we keep things that we should have got rid of years ago, especially when it comes to our wardrobes. When it comes to preparing your home for sale, it is essential to think about home staging. Did you know that staging your property can often add between 5% and 8% to the sale price! Our team at Charles David Casson have come together to create the top bedroom staging mistakes we have witnessed in Chelmsford so potential buyers only have sweet dreams about your home.

Clothes and shoes

Every member of the family plays their part when it comes to tidying up the clutter that fills bedrooms with clothes, shoes and, sometimes, bags. Rooms filled with trainer boxes, wardrobes bursting at the seams, drawers unable to close properly and dressing-up boxes overflowing with wonderful characters. If you have built-in wardrobes, we can guarantee a buyer will want to look inside to see what space they offer internally. What they don’t want to be met with is a disaster zone.



A visual lack of space will make buyers wonder whether there is a lack of storage in the property, when in reality, it could simply be that you have too much stuff. Even if you are reluctant to say goodbye to a few items, slim down your wardrobe and drawers by placing things you may not be wearing for the next couple of months in storage.

Don’t forget the lighting

Lighting can transform any room, and you want your bedroom to be warm and welcoming, with a feeling of calm and serenity. You may need to enhance your rooms’ existing lighting with a couple of extra pieces just to ensure there aren’t any dark corners. A mixture of lighting is best: ambient lighting provides the main illumination for the room which should be accented with lights such as table or wall lamps or even sconces.  If needed, you could also add some task lighting, as this is directional and ideal for areas such as over a dressing table or a reading chair.


Ignoring artwork

We often find personal photography or artwork in bedrooms, and we know that you wish to be surrounded by those you love. But the key message here is this is personalising your bedroom for you and your family and not allowing a buyer to see themselves relaxing there. This doesn’t mean that a bedroom should be artwork free; a large painting or print that complements the colours in your room will pull your bedroom together beautifully.



There is no reason why you shouldn’t keep a couple of family photos around, but just pop them in a drawer when you’re having a viewing.


Beds should always be staged

The bed is the focal point for any bedroom. It is where buyers’ eyes will first wander and is what will be initially judged. Beds should look luxurious yet simple – you don’t want anything too fussy or overbearing. Beds should feel cosy and invite the buyer to test drive – not that they will! It is about creating the desire to spend time in the bedroom.  Plain white bedding or another light neutral shade is an easy way to create an elegant look, and accessorise with an accent colour that blends with your room’s colour palette. This accent colour could be used in a bed throw, pillow cases, or additional pillows on your bed. Have a wander around some interior home stores for ideas.



Sweet dreams

Give buyers a bedroom they will dreaming of when they leave your property, and you won’t have sleepless nights wondering when your home will sell. For more advice on how to prepare your home for sale, contact our sales team on 01245 835859.

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