Whether we’re in an active market like we are now, or one that moves in a slower pace, there is still a percentage of homes that can struggle to sell.  On the surface, it can be hard to understand why, but as an experienced agent within Chelmsford the reason is often pretty clear.  Having a home that is sitting there with hardly any viewings can be soul destroying, especially when all the properties for sale around you seem to be flying off the shelf.  Could you be unwillingly sabotaging the sale of your home?


 Refusing to use any elbow grease


A home that has not been regularly maintained doesn’t make a good impression – in fact, it can make buyers nervous. Maybe you’ve decorated but the finish isn’t great; you could have a cupboard or two that isn’t in the best shape; or maybe your guttering is dripping as it’s not had autumn’s debris cleared away.  When you view a property, you want to see a home that has been loved and cared for and any flaws can make buyers question what else could be wrong with it. Hiding behind the imperfections could be some major concerns – or perhaps not, but it is the perception buyers take away that matters.



Even if a potential buyer can overlook some of the required repairs, any offer will reflect the cost of any works they believe the property needs.  We know you love your home, so show this to potential buyers by putting the elbow grease in at the start; when it comes to getting your home valued, you may have a nice surprise but, more importantly, you will find your home sells quicker as a result.


Living in dream land


Do you have a price in mind that you want for your property, regardless of what anyone says?  Maybe you have renovated your home and the cost of these additions and finishes is informing the figure you want to achieve.  Even in today’s market, there is always a ceiling price a buyer will be willing to pay for a property on a specific street or in a particular neighbourhood.  Just because a similar house sold for X amount two streets down, doesn’t mean that your home will be valued at the same – it could be less, but it also could be higher.



To ensure your home sells quickly and doesn’t sit gathering dust in the estate agent’s window, you need to listen to the experts.  As an estate agent working every day within Chelmsford, we know the true value of your home right now and the price that will get it sold as quickly as possible.  Yes, hearing the truth could be a bitter pill to swallow, but are you going to let pride get in the way of your move?


Going it alone

You have many choices today in how you sell your home, whether that’s an estate agent such as ourselves or one that allows you to go it alone.  Estate agents only put properties on Rightmove, right?  And in this market where it feels like every home is selling, why pay more than a low fixed fee?  Finding a buyer is not the same as selling your home; sadly, this is a mistake we see all too often when we are left to try and pick up the pieces after things go wrong.

Once a buyer is found, you then start the tricky part of the sale process, where the many players within the chain are guided through to completion together.  Holding a chain together is a work of art; it takes lots of chasing, reassuring and constant communication, which is where a good estate agent is worth their weight in gold.  If you don’t just want an offer but to actually sell your home, have a serious think about the risk you could be taking. 



Lingering around


Viewings are a time when buyers get to see if they can make your house their home, so having the sellers there can make them feel a little uncomfortable.  Buyers want the freedom to view and comment, as well as ask questions without judgement, which they may not feel able to do when you are around.  How can a buyer imagine living there when your presence is a constant reminder that this is your home.  At Charles David Casson, one of our agents will always accompany potential buyers for a viewing, so use the time to go for a walk or even treat yourself to a meal somewhere; you never know, you could have fantastic news of an offer on your return.


Make it easy for yourself


We all know selling your home can be stressful. By putting the elbow grease in, listening to expert advice, using professionals and respecting a buyer’s need for space, you will not only make selling your home easier, you will help it to sell quick too!

If you would like more advice on selling your home in Chelmsford, give our team a call today on 01245 83859.

About Neil Baldock

Born and bred in Chelmsford, Neil went to Tyrells and The Boswells School and still lives in Springfield. A former police officer, Neil is an excellent problem solver for our clients. Neil oversees the Lettings, Property Management and Maintenance portfolio here at CDC and is able to offer specialist advice on all aspects of buy to let and property investment in Chelmsford and all areas of Essex. Neil is happy to offer advice to landlords even where the property is not being purchased through our agency and would welcome an informal chat with you regarding your investments. Neil is also well versed in HMO Management as we are one of the only agencies in Chelmsford which has a specialist HMO and rooms to rent department. Neil is Matthews younger brother and has a son named Michael.

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