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How the lockdown is the ideal time to get your property ready for sale in Chelmsford

Although the pause button has been pressed for many of us, that doesn’t mean that life has stopped.  Having to spend so much time at home may have even started conversations about future moves when normality resumes.  That being said, we are still having properties come to the market in Chelmsford and buyers – albeit only serious ones – are still seeking their future home.  At Charles David Casson we often find that some sellers rush into placing their home on the market, which is why we believe the lockdown is the ideal time to get your property ready for sale in Chelmsford.

Presentation is key

Your house is your home and, as such, you can often see it with rose-tinted glasses – flaws that can be obvious to a stranger, you could be blind to.  When you’re placing your home on the market presentation is key; you need to alter your mindset and see it not as your home but as a property for sale.  By looking at it as a property for sale you will be able to be critical; you will make decisions that are in the best interest of your property and not because of their impact on how you live.  By getting your home ready for sale you may not only achieve higher offers but you could also you’re your Chelmsford property quicker.

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Get organised

We’ve heard people in the town talking about how they are beginning to appreciate the simpler things in life and, because of this, you may find that your attitude to what you really need in your home has changed.  Our homes are filled bits we need, things that we keep, and stuff which, if we are truthful, we should have got rid of a while ago. Now that you’re spending so much time in your home, it’s the ideal opportunity to make decisions on what you want to take to your new home.  No one wants to move clutter from one home to another but, more than that, too much ‘stuff’ can make a room feel smaller.  Declutter your home and you will feel a weight has been lifted, as well as helping your home become more attractive.

Freshen up

How you decorate your home is your choice, but now you’re placing your property on the market you need to give it a freshen up.  Buyers are seeking a property that is ready to move into; they want to visualise living there and imagine how they would mark their mark.  If your décor choices are distinctively yours, then you may wish to tone them down to more neutral shades.  A lick of paint can bring any room alive, whether it’s a touch up, a feature wall or an entire room – why not spend this time getting your home looking its absolute best?

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Get it fixed

Now there may be jobs that your handywork can’t muster, but there could also be some DIY tasks that you can resolve yourself.  Stop putting off these little jobs, as flaws such as these can cause buyers to presume there are bigger issues with your property.  You may wish to put feelers out for those jobs where you need professional help; that way, when we can all come together again you can get these done as soon as possible, ready for your home going on the market.

Clean deep

Once all the works have been completed, the time has come to give your home a deep and thorough clean.  From cupboards to appliances, no area should be left unturned – remember, buyers can be a little nosey and will peek inside places you hadn’t expected.  So deep clean your home and your buyers will leave with a sparkling impression.

Design and display

When putting your home back together, think about the best way to display it – does each room have the right amount of furniture?  Too much and the room will feel small and overcrowded; too little and it will feel sparse and lacking in personality.  It’s not only the furniture you need to consider but also how you display your various items, from books to vases, from plants to photos – curate each area thoughtfully, that way your buyers will fall in love with every inch of your home.

Fall in love again

You may find that, after all your efforts, you fall back in love with your home, but should you decide that you wish to move on to pastures new, then give us a call.  We can inform you of the benefits of placing your property on the market now, and those should you wish to wait.  If you have any questions about the Chelmsford property market, give our team a call on 01245 835859.

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