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How to ease the guest stress this festive season

The festive season is here, and as such, many of us will be welcoming family and friends for parties with stays for the day and even overnight. From cousins to grannies, in-laws to old friends and new, you may find at times that you all feel on top of each other. Every year you probably tell yourself you are going to be more organised than previous years, so maybe this is the year that you actually win. As much as you can’t wait to have everyone under the same roof, there are bound to be times where things become a little stressful, and this is where a bit of planning can help to ease that guest stress this festive season.

Declutter spaces

Before your guests arrive, it is well worth taking on the task of decluttering. This will make room for your Christmas gifts but also make creating room for your guests a lot easier. We all hang on to stuff we don’t need, and clutter can create a lot of stress, especially with everything else going on. What better way to be prepared for a new year than undertaking the process of decluttering and creating new habits. You don’t just move clutter from one room to the next: it is making decisions on items that are unwanted, unused, or taking up needed space and, where possible, donating or selling them. In this era, where many are struggling, your ‘unwanted’ could be another person’s treasure, and isn’t that what the Christmas spirit is all about?



Give them a restful night’s sleep

A private space where your guests can relax and unwind will make them feel comfortable and provide them a little sense of being at home. You want anyone staying to be in an environment where they can have a great night’s sleep, as some people can be a little snappy when they don’t have enough sleep.  Create a cosy environment, whether it is in a dedicated bedroom or a space that you have transformed into an additional sleeping area.  Adding textures such as throws, cushions, rugs, or blankets will add warmth and a welcoming design where your guest can get their privacy as well as feel that you are taking exceptional care of them.



Keep them fed and watered

With more people in your home, moving around from room to room can get a little jammed at times, especially as people will no doubt congregate in groups in certain rooms. If you wish to keep people out of the kitchen as you prep for your festivities, create a home bar, complete with nibbles, in the space you wish them to congregate. All you need is a place for glassware and your beverages and someone assigned to be in charge as your guests arrive so they can keep everyone happy whilst you can stay focused on what else needs doing.



Create a place for ‘YOU’

As your home is the hive of activity, it is essential that you carve out a little place where you can find peace and a bit of calm in your home.  If your bedroom is being used as the coat storage, then is there another room that you can just make your own. Place some of your favourite items in there, a throw, scented candles, maybe the book you’re reading, or a speaker so you can play some relaxing tunes where you just need a little time to yourself.  Even though this is the season that brings us all together, we are more aware of mental health and how to listen to our own personal needs, and those that love you will completely understand too.

Plan ahead

Whenever you are having guests in your home this festive season, make sure you plan ahead. This will help ease any stresses and ensure you can all have a little bit of calm too.

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