How to move home with no regrets when downsizing

The pandemic saw many shifts in how we wish to live and work, and  this re-evaluation, in a way, began a change of era. There was an increase in families selling to buy a larger property so generations could live together rather than miles apart. On the flip side, many realised that size wasn’t everything and creating memories and having experiences needed to become a priority and were seduced by the idea of downsizing.

The appeal of a smaller property is largely financial: the thought of lower bills and of selling something larger and buying something smaller for less. The thought of downsizing can also stir up some stressful feelings too, which is why it is important to consider all the factors to help you navigate this daunting and emotional process. This is why at Charles David Casson we wanted to give you some advice on how to move home with no regrets when downsizing.


Do the figures before you move

Just because you are buying a smaller property doesn’t mean that you will automatically save a fortune. As we all know, the cost of things is considerable higher than it was even just a couple of years ago, therefore make sure you do a budget. What would your mortgage payments be, or will you be mortgage free? Bills, maintenance, any ground rent or service charges? And add to that those moving expenses, renovations, repairs and decorating your new home.

Is it worth it?

It is more than likely that not all your furniture will fit in your new home, and therefore, to prevent frustrations on moving day, it is good to map out what you are going to put where. Take measurements of your new home and consider how you will use each room. Also make sure you check and measure doorways and stairs as well, as these can sometimes be a real sticking point! This will help you to start to make informed decisions on which furniture you will take and which you need to part ways with.

There may be pieces of furniture that you had it in your heart to have in your new home, but the realities are that it is just not going to work. You need to make a choice: is this furniture worth stepping away from purchasing your new property or not? It is always good to remind yourself why you have decided to downsize, and this may help you to with those tough questions.

There is always a solution

We all have things we love to do, and moving home, regardless of the size of property, will no doubt bring up questions on the ease of continuing with your hobbies. Gardeners often struggle with the thought of a smaller, or if moving to an apartment, even no garden, but before you panic, there is always a solution. There could be an allotment close by where you could not only work your magic but also meet some like-minded new friends.

So, when you are struggling to see how you can continue with the things you love, we can promise you there will always be a solution.


Share the memories

Our homes are filled with a wealth a memories, not just within the walls but also with the years and years of things we hold on to. You know that you will have to have a big sort out, as you can’t take everything with you. There will be items that will rekindle memories for you and your loved ones, so make this big declutter a family affair. You may find that a family member may wish to keep hold of something that you are happy to put to the side.

Family members may also find your move difficult, especially if it was your family home, which is why involving them in this aspect of the move will help them say goodbye in a beautiful way.

It will be smaller

We know it sounds obvious, but your new home will be smaller, and when you first move in it may be one of the things that could take time for you to get used to.  Remember, every new experience has highs and lows, and it will take time for you to adjust and that is absolutely OK.

We have extensive experience of helping people to downsize; therefore, we are here to support you, from your initial enquiry right through to moving day and beyond. If you want to share your wishes and concerns on downsizing, we are always here to listen. Give our team a call on 01245 835859.


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