How to relight the fire and fall in love with your home…again!

Love doesn’t just happen around Valentine’s day, it may have happened when you first laid eyes on your home. Just like a relationship, every house has something special about it that makes some of us fall in love and others walk away. But like some relationships, feelings can start to fizzle over time, and those features that pulled at your heart strings, now can cause slight annoyance, the rooms that felt spacious now feel claustrophobic. Yet with things how they are at the moment, moving home in Chelmsford may not be an option. A house that doesn’t bring you joy and comfort is not good for your well-being at all. So how can you relight the fire and fall in love with your home again?

Home shopping

Your home is a home interior shopper’s paradise. You don’t need to go shopping in décor and interior stores and spend those much-needed pennies on something brand new to give your home a new look. Start to take a look at those once loved items that are now packed in boxes in your garage or attic, that set of cushion covers that have been in the cupboard for months, maybe years. You could look about dyeing old fabrics to bring a new and exciting colour palette into a space.


If your walls need that fresh lick of paint, what half-used cans of paint have you got lying around your home, or that of relatives and friends that they no longer want? Get mixing, experimenting and having fun to transform your home without a massive expense.


When is the last time you move your furniture around in a room? Just by swopping the location of a couple of pieces can instantly give a space a new feel and let you see what made you fall in love with it in the first place. You don’t have to struggle moving heavy furnishings – a simple solution, such as restyling your shelves, rearranging your art pieces or even swopping soft furnishings around from room to room, can really shake things up.


Clutter is one of those things that doesn’t just happen; it slowly creeps upon us, and before we know it that empty drawer is full and you can no longer fit another shirt in your wardrobe. The lack of space could be one of the things that is niggling at you and stripping your passion for your abode. We talk about decluttering a lot in our articles but that is because it has powerful properties to transform spaces. Even if you don’t think your home is particularly cluttered, when undertaking this exercise you will find homewares you had forgotten, your rooms will feel bigger and your home more welcoming. What a perfect way to start to fall in love with your home again.

Those odd jobs

Many of us have a list of jobs that we have been putting off, yet it can be these faults and flaws that are affecting your opinion of your property. Spring is approaching, so what better time to crack on with some DIY projects, and make sure that you accept nothing less than perfect, no half-hearted jobs will do. When you have finished your list and the faults and flaws have gone, not only will there be a great satisfaction but there will be some healing around your thoughts of your home.

Reframing your view of your home

When you start to see the negatives about something it can be easy to focus just on these elements, especially when you have not made any changes. You need to be kinder to your home, and start to pick out the things that you do love about it and start to celebrate them. Your house is a space that is ever evolving, it isn’t something that is frozen in time: you can change how it looks and feels, and the best place to start is by reframing your view of your home.



Love of your life

Don’t let where you live make you feel heartbroken this Valentine’s Day. By making some changes using the tools around you, you will relight the fire and fall in love with your home again.

Should the love be lost, we can help you find your perfect match in Chelmsford. Contact our team on 01245 835859.

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