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How we are adapting our estate agency Chelmsford to stay open

A week of progressive announcements from the Government started to change how we ran our business, and then, with the announcement of a ‘lockdown’, traditional estate agency changed overnight.  Our branch on Duke Street has had to close, yet that doesn’t mean we are shut altogether.  As with many businesses up and down the country we have had to rethink the way our business operates in these unprecedented times; this is how we are adapting our estate agency in Chelmsford to stay open.


We have been working from home for several days – this is essential to keep in touch with our clients and to answer questions you may have.  You can still contact us on 01245 835859 should you need information on a property, to organise a virtual viewing – more on that later – or have specific questions related to your property or a purchase, sale or let and are wondering what the situation is now.  It’s only natural that many people are worried, and we would stress that you should not hesitate in giving us a call.

working from home

Staying personal

In light of the Government’s advice, we are unable to meet you in person, but that doesn’t mean that the personal touch we believe is incredibly important disappears.  Technology is proving vital, with families using it as their main way of keeping in touch, and over the years we have invested in technology to ensure that it enhances the service we provide.  Combining the specialised systems and video chat on Zoom/Whatsapp and Facetime, we can still have a face to a face conversation if via a screen.


As you know, we all have to stay at home, so if you’re actively looking for a new home don’t assume that you’ll be unable to view a property, as again technology allows us to bring the viewing to you.  With virtual tours, in-depth property details, and commentary should you require it, as well as a wealth of high-quality photographs, you will gain a thorough understanding of what a property can offer you as a home.  Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, we won’t let this situation stop you from finding your next home.

virtual viewings in chelmsford

Moving home

One of the most common questions we’ve had over the last few days is with regards to moving home.  Can you still move, and what if you’re in the process of moving?  The British Association of Removers (BAR) has recently updated our agency on the situation: should your move be currently underway then it is still allowed to continue, but sadly, as you will appreciate, any planned moves that haven’t yet started will have to be postponed. Where the property you are moving into is vacant then these moves can still go ahead.  As things can change quickly in this environment, we will of course inform any of our clients who are close to moving of any updates.


We want to give you information that’s as up to date as possible, but please bear in mind that things can change from the date of posting.  But as it stands now, we can provide you with a virtual tour of any property you wish to view.  If you are currently renting, any routine inspections will now be cancelled – if you have questions about this, please call our team.  One area we are still awaiting clarity on is property maintenance tasks, on whether we are still able organise tasks such as gas safety checks.  Once further guidance has been received, we will contact all those directly impacted immediately.

Keep safe

Finally, please follow the Government’s instructions and stay home and stay safe. This is a horrendous virus and our actions can help protect you and those around you.  Remember that we are still ‘open’, so if you’re looking to sell, buy or rent, don’t hesitate to give our team a call on 01245 835859.

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