Sellers, how to get the best out of your estate agent in Chelmsford.

The days are flying by, and as autumn is upon us dare we say that Christmas will soon be upon us? At this time of year, as the leaves are falling from the trees, it brings thoughts of spending the festive season in a new home.  The frenzy of the stamp duty holiday is over, but that doesn’t mean that buyers and sellers in Chelmsford have stopped their dreams of moving.  Their thoughts now are all about timing; with this in mind, if you are thinking of selling your home in the coming weeks, to ensure you move before Christmas you need to get the best out of your estate agent.

At Charles David Casson we perfectly understand that selling your home can be completely frustrating at times as the process is taken out of your hands by us, your conveyancer and those professionals supporting your buyer. To take some of your frustrations away there are things you can do to be prepared and make things move a lot more smoothly.



Who do we work for?


You home is your most valuable asset and, as a seller, when you decide which estate agent in Chelmsford will be tasked to sell your home on your behalf, they will now be working for you and not the buyer. It is essential to be clear from the start about fees and what their contract entails: these are important details to understand, but also do your research on how they actually perform, because this is what matters at the end of the day.


Get comparison valuations


It is a big deal placing your home on the market, and one of the most important numbers you want to hear from any estate agent is their opinion on the value of your home in the current market. Valuing your home is a science, and it is essential to get valuations from a number of estate agents so you can get a comparison. Please bear in mind that a valuation is a guide for buyers, and it is up to your chosen estate agent to actually do everything they can to achieve that fee. Can they do it?




Don’t just take their word for it – ask for evidence of properties they have sold recently in the area where they have achieved the valuation figure, and what their agency average is. At Charles David Casson we take time to explain how we reached the valuation figure and also provide you with proof of our results.  When you have all the information, it is easier for you to make the big decision on who is the best estate agent to sell your home.


How will they market your home?


With your valuation in hand don’t rush into a decision until you have discovered exactly how your property will be marketed to attract potential buyers.  Do your research and search their online presence: do they use a property portal such as Rightmove or Zoopla, are their photographs of an exceptional quality? What about the property descriptions, floorplans and the use of video and drone shots? How do they use social media and engage with local buyers and those further afield? Marketing a property today is about using a multitude of tools effectively; does how this estate agent market a property get you excited?  If it does, they are hitting the right note, if not, then ask yourself if other buyers will feel the same?



Work with us not against us


We are also experts in our field and know how best to market and prepare your home for sale.  If we make suggestions on staging your home, it is always in the best interest of your sale based on our understanding of what buyers are looking for locally. You may at times not agree, but our priority is to get your home sold for the highest price and the easiest way to achieve that is by working with us, not against us.


Get that paper ready


To get the best out of your estate agent why not take the lead and be proactive, instead of waiting for them to request certain documents and then waiting for you to respond. Get ahead of the game and get all your documentation together in advance and present it to your agent, this way there will be no waiting for you to respond, they will be in a position to act instantly when any documentation is requested.


Get the best out of your sale


The decisions you make will impact the experience you have when selling and moving home, and by taking control of your sale, you can ensure you get the best out of your estate agent and enjoy a happier move.  Get the best out of your sale today by calling our team on 01245 835859.

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