The 7 deadly sins that could kill the sale of your Chelmsford home

The property market has been on the sellers’ side this last couple of years, and, as such, some people have become complacent. Yet with the high cost of living prices and predictions of the market starting to slow, the tables are starting to turn. If you are considering selling your home you can no longer rely on a crazy market to get your house sold; if you want the best price, you need to put in some effort. Therefore, if you are committing any of these seven deadly sins, you could very easily kill or hinder the sale of your Chelmsford home.




We know you love your home, but one of the things that can really be a hinderance is loving it too much and having your blinkers on. You may have made some unique decorating choices, have some DIY jobs to do, left rooms without a purpose, or taken the decision not to declutter – well, buyers can see through these flaws can’t they? Remember the same essential rules for presenting your home are important in any property market; don’t let your pride effect your sale.




Greed is a behaviour that home sellers fall into often without even realising. Of course you believe that your home is worth a particular amount, especially when you see what has been happening locally. Every home is different, even if they may look the same; therefore, as they say, you cannot judge a book by its cover. When we value a property, we have to take so many things into account, and this includes what the market at that particular moment will pay for your home.

Home values can change from street to street, from house to abode and, although doing your research is a good starting point, it is important that you listen to what the experts are telling you. If you overvalue your property you may end up selling it for a lot less than your initial appraisal. This is because if buyers think your property is overpriced, they may not view thus leaving your home gathering cobwebs in an estate agent’s window. If you put greed to one side you may even receive an offer close to your dream amount.




One of the reasons you may have decided to move is because you have seen your dream home and are desperate to make an offer. Your lust for a new property can often see you making rushed decisions on your current Chelmsford home, which may not be the best for the property or its pending sale. If you have seen a home your want, your best course of action is to put all your efforts into selling your home and achieving the strongest offer you can, as this will place you in a better position when it comes to putting an offer in on your dream home.





Oooh, that little green-eyed monster is never good unless you twist those little feelings into a positive. We often see the envious side of a seller when they have watched a neighbour sell their home for more than the valuation they have received for their property. Rather than seeing this as a negative, find out the reasons why and discover if there are any upgrades you can make to your home to help you achieve that envied sale price.




Are you someone who always wants more? You want more online views, more viewings, more offers, more, more, more. When it comes to selling your home, gluttony does not sell houses, what you need is not quantity but quality. Therefore, even though you may only have three potential buyers through your doors in the first couple of days, if those three buyers are serious and translate into offers, what more could you need?




There is nothing like a house move to bring out a wealth of emotions, and although some of these emotions are wonderful to experience, others are completely not! There is no doubt that there will be stress, and often there will be things you don’t expect, so allow us, as your estate agent, to take on the strain so you don’t cause your sale to collapse due to the wrath.



You may not be in any hurry to move but that doesn’t mean every other buyer or seller in your chain has the same thinking. Whilst you may be very happy to see things plod along, your lack of haste may be seen as delays by your buyer. Delays are a deadly weapon when it comes to house sales, as we always say, delays cause doubts, and doubts are one of the biggest reasons for people to pull out of a sale. So think more like a cheetah and help the sale to a quick and graceful completion.

The biggest sin of all

One of the biggest sins is to not choose the right estate agent, as they will ensure that no other sins are committed and that your sale will be a heavenly experience. Give our team at Charles David Casson a call today on 01245 835859.

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