The to-do’s professionals swear by before listing your Chelmsford home

We can certainly see the impact the Stamp Duty holiday extension is having on the property market, as we have been kept very busy this week.  Even so, selling your home isn’t as easy as placing a For Sale sign outside. At Charles David Casson we focus on every element of the sale, so your experience is one that results in the best possible sales price whilst taking away the stress associated with moving home.  But to achieve that best possible price, you need to put in the work. One thing we are seeing quite often is homeowners who don’t truly understand how to prepare their home for sale.  Professional home stagers have a wealth of advice, but we have compiled the top five tips they swear by before listing your home in Chelmsford.




You may have heard us speak about this before, but we can’t tell you how important it is.  What buyer wants to view a disorganised home?  Failing to do this simple task is something we see often; we know it can seem daunting, but by taking a room at a time you will soon have it in hand.  Make sure that you keep surfaces clear of clutter – that means your kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity units and windowsills. Just because you have a surface, doesn’t mean it needs to be filled with things.



Remember to clear out cupboards, garages and other storage areas. If a buyer sees that there isn’t enough room for your belongings, they may feel that storage will be lacking for them too.  Decluttering isn’t just about organising, it also opens up spaces and makes them feel more spacious, which is always a plus point for potential buyers.


Refreshing décor


Every buyer will want to put their own stamp on the home they buy, but that doesn’t mean they will want to fully redecorate the minute they get their keys.  It is natural for a home’s décor to become tired over time and it’s amazing the transformation a quick coat of paint can achieve.  Yes, neutral tones are generally preferred but that doesn’t mean that this is always true.  You may have used bold and elegant shades throughout your house that create a striking and stylish interior.  There is no doubt that this may grab the attention of buyers with similar tastes, but just bear in mind it may not be everyone’s cup of tea.



That being said, if you have a more dated décor scheme or one which only its owner could love, then failing to make a few changes can turn buyers off.  Grabbing a buyer’s attention as quickly as possible is essential, so it’s important to do everything you can to stop them quickly moving onto the next property and leaving yours behind.


Don’t neglect the small stuff


You may have some little niggles in your home which you haven’t got round to addressing; it could be changing the light bulb in the entrance hall, or tightening that loose handle on the bathroom door.  You would be surprised the negative effect that neglecting to take care of the small stuff can have on a buyer’s impression of your property.  They may start to wonder what else is broken in your home – are there problems they can’t see? Don’t leave them with any doubt, get those jobs done so that buyers can see the care and attention you have given the property whilst living there.



Staging your home


Staging a home is an art. It doesn’t mean stripping a room bear and leaving a stark, clinical look, but you also don’t want it to look like life has just exploded in each room.  You want a careful balance of cleanliness and order, with those careful touches that make it feel like a home.  Remember to take away personal photos, as these remind a buyer that this is your property, when they should be thinking about how they might live there. Staging is all about those finishing touches, a vase of fresh flowers placed on the dining table; a small tray ready for a cream tea in the garden; a throw and a book carefully placed on the bedroom chair…

Home magazines are the perfect inspiration, or you could look at photographs from show homes – these professionals know how to create a lifestyle that buyers will want to buy into.


Now it’s time to list


Yes, all this work should be undertaken before you invite an estate agent in to value your home, why?  Because how your home is presented could affect your home’s valuation.  This is again where many sellers go wrong, but if you have this all done before your home is listed, your marketing photographs and videos will show your home at its best and grab the attention of all those eager and ready-to-move buyers.

If you are unsure how to prepare your home for sale, please contact a member of our team and we would be happy to give you our honest advice on what will have the biggest impact for your home.  Call our team today on 01245 835859.

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