Ways to keep your mental health in check whilst in lockdown in Chelmsford

The novelty of lockdown has worn off and for many the reality has now kicked in. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have acknowledged that, “This time of crisis is generating stress in the population.”  As residents of Chelmsford and a business owner, we have experienced and witnessed the stress and strain that this situation is placing on all sections of our community.  It’s important to look after your mind and body, and at Charles David Casson we have found this advice extremely useful – below are some ways to keep your mental health in check whilst in lockdown.

Keep active

The benefits of getting out and exercising are well documented, and this is more important now than ever.  We are realistic – it is so easy to keep cosy on the sofa, especially on a chilly day like those we’ve been having, but this won’t do you any good mentally or physically.  You’re able to take one form of exercise a day, and being outside and active can take away lots of stresses and strains.  Exercise helps your body to release endorphins which, as we know, makes you feel good and improves your mood – not only that, it can help you get a better night’s sleep too.  Now is not the time to be a coach potato, put on your trainers and keep active.

Have a routine

Your normal daily routine has gone and, as such, you might be taking advantage of spending the day in your PJs.  This may feel rebellious and fun to begin with, but as time goes on it will have a negative impact on your wellbeing.  Don’t stay up too late watching your next chosen boxset; there will be plenty of time to binge over the next few weeks, try and keep to your normal bedtime to make sure you get enough sleep.  Professionals advise that it’s best to have a routine, this doesn’t have to be rigid in terms of time, but having a plan of what you will do and achieve can help give value to your day.

Stay connected

Whether you’re in lockdown or self-isolating, you need to make sure you don’t cut yourself off all together.  This situation can make it easy to withdraw and, for some keeping in touch with friends and family can become a struggle.  Create a routine where you talk to people in your circle each day and not just through social media, there is nothing more uplifting than hearing someone’s voice or seeing them through a video chat system. If you’re really struggling, please speak to someone, whether that’s through a local Chelmsford network or the Samaritans.

Stay Healthy

This is a difficult time, and it would be easy to fall into an unhealthy diet and become a regular visitor to the fridge due to boredom.  Make the right choices at the supermarket so you have healthy snacks to hand, such as carrot sticks and fruit, should you feel the need to nibble.  Baking is one way thousands of us are making use of our extra time – this is great, but do ration yourself, or perhaps share with those in need in your community.  Although now may feel like a time to eat cake, remember this situation is temporary, and when it’s over you will be glad you didn’t reach for that extra slice.

Give yourself perks

Every day, without knowing it, we give ourselves little perks – from that morning coffee on our way to the office, to giving up our seat to someone that needs it.  Now you’re on lockdown, some of these little perks have disappeared – but they don’t have to!  Add something to your routine each day that will bring joy and give you a sense of achievement; maybe you could learn a new skill, finally start learning that language you have vowed to do for years, or even open that book that you’ve just not had time to read.  Treat yourself, because we think you’re worth it!

Love Chelmsford

Every day we are seeing countless acts of kindness by people within our community; we feel proud to live in such a wonderful place as Chelmsford  From all of us at Charles David Casson please stay at home and stay safe, and make sure you make your wellbeing a priority.

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