Why listening is the most important skill we have when selling a home in Chelmsford


Well, what a week it has been for anyone who loves, supports, or follows football. Less than 48 hours after the announcement of the European Super League (ESL), the six English clubs quit against a backdrop of anger, criticism and disbelief.  News channels highlighted their failure to speak or listen to fans, and to understand the mood of the country.  In truth, it was one big idea that bombed spectacularly with the world watching, but would these clubs have joined the ESL if they had just listened?

Listening is often something that is taken for granted, and if we’re honest with ourselves we don’t always listen effectively all the time – we could be distracted by something else happening or going on in our lives.  But when it comes to selling homes, listening should never be underestimated. At Charles David Casson we believe it is the most important skill we possess, and one that places us at an advantage when selling your home in Chelmsford.



From the first call


We know that when you call or interact with our agency for the first time, this is our chance to impress and your time to judge.  You don’t want to feel like a number, and your house just a commodity – that just makes us look like an ESL-style agent.  Getting to know you on that first call is essential. Yes, we would like to know more about your house, but it’s you and your family that are our focus initially.  “Why?” you may ponder.  Because, simply put, if we don’t listen at the start, how can we know the best strategies to use? If we understand you, the motivations for your move, your circumstances, your plans for the future, we will know exactly how to approach your sale and can start planning a strategy for marketing your home should we be given the honour of selling it.


The valuation


You may believe that the valuation is all about a number, and in a way it is, as you need to know what value is placed on your property so that you can plan your move.  But there is so much more to the valuation, and Bradley will explain why.

“Every home has a story. It is easy to find out the facts – number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc – but it’s the tales of people’s lives there that makes this part of my job so fascinating and enjoyable.  They give me a little insight into what it has been like to live in a home, the owner’s favourite spot to sit and read, where the dog loves to snooze as the sunlight hits the spot just perfectly in the morning.  How they upgraded and spent time in their garden over lockdown, and the many treasured memories that each room holds.  It is these stories, these moments in time that make a house a home, and knowing this enables us pass on the love you have for your home to potential buyers on a viewing.”



If we didn’t take the time to listen to you whilst valuing your property, we would miss out on these wonderful stories, and who doesn’t like talking about their house?  Buyers just love to hear about how the current owners spend time in the house, not because they plan to do the same,it just adds another layer for buyers to connect with.


The offer


When we are conducting a viewing with a buyer, we’re not just listening to what they are saying but also what they are not.  Again, we take time to get to know them as people so that we can point them in the direction of the right property for them.  By taking the time to truly listen to buyers, we can artfully negotiate an offer, as we know what style of negotiation will be best to navigate to a successful outcome.  Unlike the ESL, we believe that listening to all sides involved is the best way to sell a property and get you the highest possible price.



Put us to the test


There are many estate agents you can choose from when selling your property in Chelmsford, but do they all truly listen?  If you’re thinking of selling your home, why not give our team a call today and see the difference a service based around listening can offer you and your family.

We look forward to getting to know you.  Call Charles David Casson on 01245 835859, for a premier home selling experience.

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