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How to increase your Chelmsford home’s kerb appeal

It takes seconds to make a first impression, whether it is the brutality of the internet dating swipe or the vicious swift property judgements on Rightmove or other property sites, when it comes to viewing a property, buyers want that instant reaction, they want to feel excited to step through your front door and eager to see what your home has to offer. When you are selling your home in Chelmsford it isn’t just your interior that needs to wow potential buyers but your exterior too. At Charles David Casson we have put together some ideas on how to increase your home’s kerb appeal.

Front garden

“Homes that offer a front garden carry a 4 per cent property price premium versus those without, and that equates to more than £11,000 in the current market,” states Colby Short, CEO of estate agent comparison site We recognise that not all homes in Chelmsford have a front garden, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add some touches to give that impression. We are now in spring and, as such, flowers are starting to bloom, and what makes a property stand out more than a colourful welcome.

Hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs are great ways to easily spruce up your kerb appeal. If you do have a garden, view it with a critical eye. Fix any broken fences, power hose paving and driveways, make sure the lawn is looking healthy and is cut, and trees and shrubs are not overgrown. One thing to always hide are your bins: they are a big turn-off to potential buyers. If you are unable to hide them, find a way to minimalise their appearance rather than them becoming the focal point of your home.

Front door

Your front door is where a buyer’s eyes are initially drawn; it is the centre of your kerb appeal and, therefore, it needs to grab their attention. But does the colour of your front door really make a difference as long as it is looking its best? According to a new study by Safestyle, the leading window and door retailer, it does: their findings suggest that a property with a certain colour front door could sell 36% higher then the average national sale price. Which colours are top of the pops?


It may not be surprising to learn that the top colour adding the greatest value to your home is red. This is because it is striking and bold as well as being elegant. In second place is grey, which is in complete contrast. This, we believe, could be due to some buyers wishing to have a more neutral tone of kerb appeal. Black is in third place, with Safestyle stating that homes with this colour front door sell at 11% more than the average UK house price. Blue comes in fourth place, quickly followed by white. Although this is great in theory, it is essential that you ensure the colour you choose defines and complements not only your home but also those around you and doesn’t break any covenants.


Our homes have to work for us in many ways these days; therefore, homes that aid our lives by offering functionality are always going to be more appealing. Eco-friendly materials and features are going to be increasingly popular this year, states Anglian Home Improvements. “Sustainability and energy efficiency have become increasingly important to homeowners. In the current climate, they want products that not only help the environment but also help them reduce the costs of their bills, and this is only set to continue.”



Eco features you could consider are energy-efficient lighting, which is a great way of cutting down your energy bills without sacrificing on a stylish product and design. You may be good at recycling materials, but do you reuse water? This is a sustainable way to water your garden.

Get noticed

If you are looking to sell your property this year, make sure it is Instagram ready. You want buyers to stop and take notice, and by making some changes, you can quickly and easily improve your home’s kerb appeal. For more advice on adding value to your property contact our team today on 01245 835859.

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