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Spellbound, the power of buying a home in Chelmsford.

When it’s time to start looking to buy a home in Chelmsford, it’s as though there’s a hidden magical power that takes over you, as if you’re under a spell.  Your dreams are filled with homes and your favourite interiors and you become fascinated with the strangest things, door handles. Finding that place to call home is your ultimate focus and it is hard to think of anything else. Let’s face it, it comes to us all: you are spellbound about buying a new home. But as with all magic, there is an air of caution, because when you give your whole heart and attention to something, it can have the power to blur lines, throw common sense out of the window and certainly not tie your feet to the ground.

At Charles David Casson we want to make sure your decisions are made with precision and accuracy, that any fairy dust or rose-tinted glasses are banished to the land of make believe. This is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, so let’s make sure that the power stays firmly in your hands.


It’s not a competition


We all take different paths in life. You may have decided to start your career straight from school, others could have gone on to study, whilst there will be those who have seen the world and had some amazing experiences.  You can’t compare your situation to those of your peers or the illusions created on Instagram; the fact is, you simply may not be able to afford a property similar to your friends’.


Don’t try and overstretch yourself when it comes to your mortgage just to get a property that you think gives you a certain level of status. Not only could you be placing yourself in a difficult position financially, you are also looking at this home for the wrong reasons. Focus on finding a home that is right for you, pennies wise, one that tugs at your heart strings and makes you feel all warm and a bit giddy inside. Finding the right property is like finding that great pair of jeans, once you’ve found the right fit you never want to take them off.


Perfection is an illusion


What is ‘perfect’, really? In this era of filters, airbrushing and Botox, what you see online is never the reality, and we know perfection is just an illusion. No property will be 100% perfect, and honestly, we’re sure you can’t wait to make some little changes to any home to make it yours – a touch of your favourite colour here, placing your treasured artwork there.  It’s not what’s on the surface you should be giving your focus to, but what lies underneath.



Décor can be changed, but you want to ensure that the overall structure of the property is in good condition. Invest in a building survey so you know exactly what you’re buying, and make sure you get all the certificates for work that has been undertaken in the past, so you know it meets today’s standards. Does the layout work for you and your family, and what about the location?  These are important and essential factors to consider when buying a home, so don’t let that sparkle of a stunning interior cloud your better judgement.


Can you keep up with the maintenance?


There is such a wealth of fantastic properties in Chelmsford, from those with a fascinating heritage to immaculate landscaped gardens and striking contemporary features, but as much as the façade excites you, have you considered what would be involved in maintaining such a home on a daily basis? All homes have their quirks, but older homes are bound to have an ongoing jobs list, whereas technological issues could be more the norm in a more modern abode.  Homes with large, manicured gardens could be your dream, but do you have the time or green fingers to do it justice? What about cleaning a property of that size with a busy family? If you love cleaning, this could be of no concern, but if it feels like a chore, how much would this niggle at you over time?



It is critically important that you consider how you will maintain the type of home you are considering buying so that you understand the financial and time commitment it may require.  A home can begin to feel like a burden if its maintenance starts taking away the joy of living there.


Can you live with it?


It is rare that you don’t have to make a little compromise or two when finding that next home, but can you live with the decision you make?  Can you live with the negatives? Are the negatives things you can change? The last thing you want to experience years, months or even weeks after moving in is buyer’s remorse. Never rush a decision to purchase based on that butterfly feeling; take a moment to digest everything about the property, you will no doubt come to the conclusion that those little negatives are things you can live with, as this house already feels like your home.



Under our spell


Home buying has a way of getting under your skin and putting you under a spell, but make sure you snap out of it when the time comes to making the big decisions. If you’re looking for your next home, our team may have some magic powers of their own that they can use to find you that dream you seek.  Give them a call today on 01245 835859.

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